Sunday, December 5, 2010

What are some of the misperceptions people have about celebrities and their money?

That they spend money frivolously and are irresponsible with their finances...
which some are, don't get me wrong, however a lot of people want to live that lifestyle
that they see some of these celebs (especially rappers) living which is a facade.
People go out to the clubs and spend thousands (that they really don't have) on bottles and making it rain when some of those very rappers they are trying to be like are just spending a portion of their interest money from their huge bank accounts in those clubs.
Focus on what those celebs are doing outside of the clubs.

For example 50 Cent invested in vitamin water and made 400 million dollars, he just signed a $200 million dollar deal to produce 10 films. Diddy will probably make over 100 million dollars popping bottles of Ciroc in the club, a brand he reportedly has 50% ownership in.
Swizz Beatz recently teamed up with the luxury sports car brand Aston Martin.
These guys are going out and finding investment opportunities and partnerships that
they can incorporate into their extravagant lifestyles which is sort of genius.

[via bvonmoney.com]

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