Thursday, January 7, 2010

Katy Perry on the cover of Glamour Magazine

Just in time for Valentine's Day. <3

On her hit song I Kissed a Girl:
“I have a soft spot for women—I’m not afraid of it. Some women walk into the room and they’re so beautiful, and you’re like, ‘I wanna smell you,’ you know? I have certain girlfriends who I just think are the most angelic, beautiful creatures. And if any of my boyfriends ever fail me, I’ll turn to them!”

On her beau (and now
fiance) Russell Brand:
“When he was filming Get Him to the Greek, I did a cameo with him. My scene called for me to make out with him. And on the way down the stairs after the scene, I was hopping like a bunny. I hop like a bunny when I’m happy—I get a bit childlike.”

On awkward guy encounters:
“When I was meeting people in L.A., guys always thought if they paid for dinner they deserved a blow job. But generally, I’ll say this—and I’ll say it proudly—I can’t sleep with someone if I don’t have a connection with them.”

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